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  • Claremont Toyota logo image

    Claremont Toyota

    Claremont Toyota provides California residents with exceptional customer service and fantastic deals on new and used Toyotas.  Come in today to look at their new Toyota 4Runner, Avalon or FJ Cruiser! » Read More

  • Lizzies Goldmine LTD logo image

    Lizzies Goldmine LTD

    Lizzie’s Goldmine is a one of a kind jewelry shop in Claremont offers you the best selection of jewelry at the best prices you will ever find.  Loved by locals and adored by visitors, this impressive business is completely devoted to giving you exceptional customer service and personalized attention every single time you visit. » Read More

  • Harry Brown DDS logo image

    Harry Brown DDS

    Since 1988, Harry Brown DDS has been delivering families, seniors and Claremont residents with the necessary services to create a stunning, genuine smile that is full of confidence and personality.  His impressive reputation includes being an expert consultant for the State Board of California, a preferred dentist for Da Vinci Dental Studios and over 24 years of first-rate experience... » Read More

  • The Grove Vintage logo image

    The Grove Vintage

    The Grove Vintage is your one stop shop for the coolest, cutest and charming clothes you could ever find in Claremont!  With outstanding pieces in fantastic condition, you will find something stunning for every occasion as well as day to day wear » Read More

  • Wang Plastic Surgery logo image

    Wang Plastic Surgery

    Dr. Stewart Wang is an impressive Board Certified Plastic Surgeon with a reputation for his talents, sensitivity and outstanding ability to “artistically create beauty”.   Not only do each of his patients feel understood and respected, but they are able to relate to his unique philosophy, which is known as “The Wang Doctrine.”  He uses the absolute... » Read More

  • King Kong Sushi logo image

    King Kong Sushi

    Known for their huge portions, King Kong Sushi is the best place to be when you’re hungry! » Read More

  • Tintura Color Salon logo image

    Tintura Color Salon

    Tintura Color Salon is a stunning salon with a “unique culture of its own; a world-class salon offering innovative services and expertise on par with the best in the world, with a professional, caring atmosphere that makes clients feel like family.”  The professional Tintura stylists are led by the one and only Doris V. Rodriguez.  Everyone on the team strives to... » Read More

  • Jax Bicycle Center logo image

    Jax Bicycle Center

    You should love your cycling experience, and Jax Bicycle Center will do everything in their power to make sure you do!  With a dedication to your satisfaction, they are the premier bicycle shop in Claremont.  From bikes, parts and accessories, they have everything you might need to make your ride as enjoyable as possible.  With amazing customer service and quality products... » Read More

  • Claremont Place logo image

    Claremont Place

    If you, a family member or a loved one are ready to embark on life’s next chapter, Claremont Place Senior Living is the perfect place to continue your journey.  Continue to experience life and each moment it offers at this Claremont assisted living community. » Read More

  • Walter's Restaurant logo image

    Walter's Restaurant

    Operating in Claremont Village since 1957, Walter's Restaurant has a rich history of serving various cuisines!  Initially beginning as a burger, fries and coffee shop, this very same establishment now offers various foods from Afghanistan and all across Europe. » Read More

  • Candlelight Pavillion Dinner Theatre logo image

    Candlelight Pavilion Dinner...

    Candlelight Pavilion Dinner Theatre is proud to present you with the current show, ‘Returning to Sin City’!  A fantastic time is guaranteed for you and the entire family when you join in on the fun at Candlelight Pavilion Dinner Theatre!   » Read More

  • Zoom Room logo image

    Zoom Room

    The best way to enhance the relationship between you and your canine best friend is with the Zoom Room in Claremont.  Providing exceptional dog training, Zoom Room will help you learn to interact better with your dog and increase the bond that can only be felt between an owner and their pet. » Read More

  • The Wedding Fairy Inc.

    The Wedding Fairy Inc. is truly your one stop shop to plan the ultimate wedding you have always desired! » Read More

  • Wei Tuo Academy logo image

    Wei Tuo Academy

    The Wei Tuo Academy in Montclair is a haven for learning.  From Qi Gong, Tai Chi and Kung Fu to meditation, health, medicine and art, the academy helps you train both your mind and body.  Harness your qi through exercising the mind and body as one at this qi academy near Claremont. » Read More

  • Aromatique logo


    Aromatique brings you and Claremont residents the absolute best services and products when it comes to skincare!  This unique salon provides you with a pampering experience that is unlike any other.  » Read More


    Loving Hut

    Looking for delicious cuisine that is fresh, healthy and vegan?  Loving Hut in Claremont understands!  Not only is Loving Hut passionate about serving you food that you love, but they encourage harmony all over the world—which is why they feature a remarkable menu that is completely plant-based!  » Read More

  • Claremont Chiropractic logo

    Claremont Chiropractic

    Claremont Chiropractic offers you so much more than a typical chiropractor.  Claremont Chiropractic goes out of their way to make their health and wellness resources available to you, informing you of the latest in wellness care through articles and exercise videos. » Read More

  • Loft 204 logo

    Loft 204

    Right in the heart of Claremont, California is the stunning art gallery, Loft 204.  Bringing you gorgeous contemporary pieces in various mediums, the historic Loft 204 itself resides in an artistic city. » Read More

  • Tattle Tails Kids Clothing logo

    Tattle Tails Kids Clothing

    Tattle Tails is more than a clothing store for children; it is a unique boutique adventure!  Located in Claremont Village, the boutique offers clothing for both girls and boys. For the past 17 years, Tattle Tails has been providing the cutest children’s clothing with a smile.  Affordable, cute and unique, the clothing at Tattle Tails captures the essence of... » Read More

  • Life Performance Center logo

    Life Performance Enhancement

    If you’re looking to maximize your fitness and finally fulfill your goals, Life Performance Enhancement is the perfect place for you!  Representing the future of fitness and sports performance enhancement programs, Life Performance Enhancement provides you with personal coaching by a certified strength and conditioning specialist and a personal trainer » Read More

  • Power over Flour logo

    Power Over Flour Gluten-Free...

    Power Over Flour is the perfect solution for those with food sensitivities.  At this Claremont market, you’ll never have to worry about trying to decode the ingredient labels or calling manufacturers because absolutely everything in the store is gluten-free! » Read More

  • The Perfect Inland Empire Limo and Sedan Service Claremont Logo

    The Perfect Inland Empire...

    Committed to Being Your Southern California Chauffer!The Perfect Inland Empire Limousine is dedicated to giving you the highest quality of service that is possible! For all Claremont limo services, make sure that The Perfect Inland Empire Limousine is your number one call! » Read More

  • Claremont Tutors

    Need a tutor?  Claremont residents are lucky to have Claremont Tutors servicing their area!  Since 2005, professional tutors have been aiding California families find wonderful tutors they can trust and rely on. » Read More - Featured Columnists
  • Sitcoms vs Reality TV

    Taking advantage of cable TV deals these days can present you with plenty of options.  There’s something for everyone on television— and then some— making it a challenge to decide what to watch.  Sitcoms and Reality TV have become two of America’s favorite forms of entertainment.  So what is the difference between the two?  It... » Read More

  • Things to Know about Santa...

    Anytime you will be making a big change to your home, you will need to know all of the details about it so that you can make the right decision. Do you know all of the facts about Santa Monica solar energy installation? If you do not, then it is absolutely important that you learn the things you need to know well before you make the decision. After all, solar panels are an investment, so... » Read More

  • Find a Reputable Silver Coin...

    Coin collecting has been around for ages as a hobby that can be both fun and profitable. Many people may be familiar with the fact that rare coins can bring you a lot of money when you decide to sell or trade. However, did you know that buying coins can actually be a solid, safe investment? » Read More

  • Is Your VM Backup Software...

    If you own a large business or enterprise that manages a large number of virtual machines, you have likely spent time with IT professionals going over what you are to do in the event of a crash or major data loss. You have also likely considered a number of backup and restoration options. There are many VM backup software options out there, and knowing which one is right for you can be hard... » Read More

Joining the Claremont Community
No matter your age, there is nothing like getting involved in your community. When you relocate to Claremont, California, the good news is there...
 Things To Do
Things To Do
There is Much to See and Do in Claremont
Will you be visiting the lovely streets of Claremont, California? Do you plan to browse the museums and galleries that are dotted around the...
Accommodations in Claremont, California
Any time that a person will be visiting a new location, they will first need to choose a place to stay. You will find that Claremont, California...
  • What Makes a Good Spy Movie?

    The elements that go into the making of a great spy movie combine intrigue, elegance, mystery and allure into an action packed tale of plot twists and double crosses.  Whether you envision a foggy London street, crowded with British MI5 agents attempting to thwart enemy operatives from snagging the British Crown Jewels from the Queen's custom safes; or rather you picture critical... » Read More

  • What You Should Look for in a...

    Many people are just finding out all of the benefits that come with visiting a spa. Not only can the staff there make you look and feel beautiful by doing facials, hair and makeup, but they can also greatly reduce your stress by offering massages and other holistic medical treatments. If you are currently in the market for a great spa, read the remainder of this article to find out how you... » Read More

  • Finding Childrens Physical...

    Children will oftentimes undergo physical therapy for the same reason that adults do. These reasons may include injury, illness, disability or disease. Regardless of the reason, the physical therapist is there to help the child regain strength, improve their range of motion, relieve pain, be able to perform daily tasks and avoid becoming injured again. While this may sound stressful... » Read More

  • Enjoy Tranquility at Whisper...

    Whisper Rock Homes and GolfSurrounded by mesquite and saguaro cactus, nature's backdrop frames beautiful homes against Sombrero Mountain and the granite boulder formations of Turtle Mountain. Homes for sale in Whisper Rock range from 3300 sq. ft. to more than 8000 sq. ft. The natural beauty of the area combines with exquisite landscaping to frame residences in this gated community... » Read More

  • Recovery Through the Use of...

    Physical therapists work with injured and disabled patients to help them restore movement and regain strength. Through the use of physical therapy tools, patients are able to work though pain and loss of feeling to perform basic movements such as walking, grasping, and holding objects. Overtime pain will be relieved and feeling will return to the patient’s limbs and muscles. Below are... » Read More

  • Chiro Klenz Tea for the Best...

    We have all heard about the hazards of doing a "cleanse" and we also know about the warnings so often associated with the use of herbal products, but you can set aside your concerns when you are talking about Chiro Klenz Tea. This is an all-natural product made from safe and effective herbs, and it has one single goal - to help your chiropractor accomplish their goals.  » Read More

  • Importance of Selecting the...

    Children with autism are likely to engage with specific types of toys that appeal to the senses. It’s important to purchase toys that are both age and autism appropriate. Purchasing the right types of toys ensures that your child will enjoy playing with them, but it also aids in both mental and physical development. » Read More

  • The Benefits of a Heated...

    Not all massages are created equal.  There are countless techniques when it comes to generating the most beneficial results of the massage you are giving.  Whether the purpose of your massage is for business, fun and relaxation with friends, or romance, it is important to have the perfect environment for your massage.  One of the most crucial aspects of the perfect massage... » Read More

  • Get Your Physical Therapy...

    We all know how much energy and time it can take just to do the kinds of administrative tasks required to run a busy physical therapy office. To keep a well running practice going, you need to have people help you out with patient records, with billing procedures, and with filing all the different forms for insurance claims. Of course, you also need to make sure that your practice always... » Read More

  • An Introduction to the...

    Here’s a rather obvious thought that perhaps not everyone thinks about. You sit in a relaxing room, with a comfortable temperature, and remove certain items of clothing so that you can enjoy a relaxing massage. Then you discover that the table is freezing! It's not a pleasant sensation. You are no longer relaxed but uncomfortable and there goes the entire point of the massage... » Read More

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Your Guide to Dining in Claremont
With so many local eateries that you could enjoy, you may be thinking you will never know which to choose during your visit to Claremont...
 Real Estate
Real Estate
Looking at Claremont Real Estate
Whether you are relocating to the Claremont area or just looking for a new home, there are plenty of real estate options from which to choose...
Shop the Day Away in Claremont and Pomona
When you are on vacation, you will most likely want to take some timeaway from the attractions and entertainment to enjoy shopping. Even if you...

Claremont, California: A Beautiful Collegiate City

If you are looking for a city that provides a feeling of historic elegance along with a sense being miles away from everything else, all while remaining just minutes from the big city, you will find it at Claremont, California. Situated just thirty miles from LA, Claremont is located within Los Angeles County and is quite well known for a number of things, including its close proximity a variety of collegiate campuses. There is much, much more to learn about the town though.

The city is most definitely considered a college town. Within Claremont, CA, there are a total of eight collegiate campuses, referred to with the all-encompassing title of the Claremont Colleges. The campuses that fall under this title include Pomona College, Scripps College, Pitzer College, Harvey Mudd College, Keck Graduate Institute, Claremont Graduate University, Claremont McKenna College, and Claremont University Consortium.

With this many colleges within the city, it is no wonder that much that happens there is centered around the collegiate. This does not mean that there is nothing else to see or do in Claremont, California however.

The second thing that the city is best known for is its physical beauty. Nestled at the bottom of the San Gabriel Mountains, Claremont affords breathtaking views of the mountain chain no matter where you may happen to be within the city. In addition, the residents take pride in the numerous historic buildings centered around downtown.

Situated on streets green with trees and shrubs, these buildings include Claremont Village, a shopping area which is reminiscent of colonial times. Within Claremont Village, you will find over one hundred places to visit. From shops to restaurants to museums to galleries, the Village has much to offer.

When it comes to dining, you will find a plethora of options within the city. In fact, there is an interesting mix of ethic dining options as well as American style eateries, meaning there is plenty to choose from, no matter your palate.

Situated within Los Angeles County, Claremont is located within driving distance of such locations as La Verne, CA and Los Angeles. This means that the visitor can enjoy their stay in Claremont while still visiting other locations as well.

A city that offers beauty, attraction, and education, Claremont is a basis for much to see and do in California. With its central location just at the edge of the mountains, the city is easily accessible and quite scenic.

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The Claremont Folk Festival is Just around the Corner

Do you enjoy listening to good music? Do you enjoy relaxing on the cool grass under the rays of a bright sun? Then, the Claremont Folk Festival may be just the right event for you. Held each May, the festival provides entertainment for the whole family.The event is held on outside stages so you can enjoy the sounds of the music while lounging on the grass. You could even bring a picnic lunch...

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Summertime Sports in Claremont

Summer is just around the corner, and you know what that means. You can expect plenty of outdoor events perfect for catching rays and enjoying the warm summer breeze. The season in southern...

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Summer Concerts in Claremont

What could be better than a warm summer evening, a picnic in the park, and a serenade of fine music? The answer would be not much, and the good news is that every Monday night during the summer, you...

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212 Yale Ave, Claremont, CA 91711
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Claremont Daily News
Retiring lawmakers offer glimpse into hidden and more hopeful Congress
Source: Yahoo News | Dec 17th, 2014 11:56AM
As the doors closed on the 113th Congress on Tuesday, a weighty group of senior lawmakers ended their distinguished careers. From the...
Pentagon Releases New Details of Weapons Program in Southern California
Source: Yahoo News | Dec 16th, 2014 12:52PM
MRAP vehicles sit in the Redistribution Property Accountability Team yard at Kandahar Airfield near Kandahar, Afghanistan. The RPAT facility is...
James Gervang Joins Hub International as Senior Vice President and Manager of the Commercial Risk Division in Mountain ...
Source: Yahoo News | Dec 16th, 2014 8:35AM
MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., Dec. 16, 2014 /PRNewswire/ --Hub International Insurance Services, Inc. (Hub), a leading international insurance...
De Leon calls for climate divestment, seeks to pull coal investments from CALPERS, CALSTRS
Source: Yahoo News | Dec 15th, 2014 7:51PM
California State Senator Kevin de Leon says he?ll introduce legislation next month to get the state?s public employees retirement system off of...
Which of These Disgusting Chuck Johnson Rumors are True?
Source: Yahoo News | Dec 15th, 2014 4:13PM
You may have read The New York Times ? profile of Charles C. Johnson, the worst journalist on the internet . You also may have seen several very...
Hearst Foundations announce $1.5 million in grants
Source: Yahoo News | Dec 13th, 2014 1:14AM
Programs spanning a wide gamut from space science and arts research to children?s dental care in the Bay Area and throughout the state will...
What messy budget vote says about Boehner's ability to control his caucus
Source: Yahoo News | Dec 12th, 2014 8:35AM
Getting a budget over the finish line was one tough slog for House Speaker John Boehner (R) of Ohio on Thursday. Rebellious hard-liners on the...
What messy budget vote says about Boehner's ability to control his caucus
Source: Yahoo News | Dec 12th, 2014 8:35AM
Getting a budget over the finish line was one tough slog for House Speaker John Boehner (R) of Ohio on Thursday. Rebellious hard-liners on the...
What messy budget vote says about Boehner's ability to control his caucus
Source: Yahoo News | Dec 12th, 2014 8:35AM
Getting a budget over the finish line was one tough slog for House Speaker John Boehner (R) of Ohio on Thursday. Rebellious hard-liners on the...
What messy budget vote says about Boehner's ability to control his caucus
Source: Yahoo News | Dec 12th, 2014 8:35AM
Getting a budget over the finish line was one tough slog for House Speaker John Boehner (R) of Ohio on Thursday. Rebellious hard-liners on the...
Oklahoma Paleontologists Help Discover Oldest Horned Dinosaur in North America
Source: Yahoo News | Dec 11th, 2014 2:35PM
A team of paleontologists from Oklahoma and California unearthed a 108-million-year-old fossil skull, the oldest member of the horned dinosaur...
CWPA Releases Final NCAA Men?s Water Polo Rankings
Source: Yahoo News | Dec 11th, 2014 11:53AM
BRIDGEPORT - Following 14 weeks of competition which saw teams rise from obscurity to prominence and early season favorites give way down the...
CMC Study Examines School Image
Source: Yahoo News | Dec 10th, 2014 10:07PM
Claremont McKenna College is currently reviewing the results of a study on its school image carried out last spring.
Meek Montana plant-eater foreshadowed huge horned dinosaurs
Source: Yahoo News | Dec 10th, 2014 2:59PM
By Will Dunham WASHINGTON (Reuters) - It was a dinosaur about the length of a crow and the weight of a bunny. But this modest plant-eater that...
Oldest Horned Dinosaur in North America Was the Size of a Crow
Source: Yahoo News | Dec 10th, 2014 2:22PM
and other horned dinosaurs once thrived in North America, but paleontologists have long wondered how the group originally made it to the...
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