Claremont Attractions and Entertainment

Explore the Rancho Santa Anta Claremont Gardens in Claremont, California.
The Many Attractions in Claremont, California

With its location at the base of a beautiful mountain chain, Claremont offers beauty no matter where you may turn. Whether you are in town on a visit to a college student, you are on location for a business meeting, or you are just enjoying a much needed vacation, the city definitely has much to offer. Along with a variety of shopping and dining options, there are plenty of attractions and entertainment options from which to choose. When you are in town, you will find that you will not get bored.

Here are just a few of the things that you can see and do in Claremont, California. It is definitely worth the visit and you will find yourself wanting to go back again and again.

It is time to put an eagle on your scorecard when you visit the Claremont Golf Course. A nine whole course, this location has been touted as being one of the most beautiful and one of the most challenging courses around. Surrounded by the mountains, the course is located at the foot of Mount Baldy, providing picturesque views. In addition, the Botanical Gardens surround the course, providing even more beauty. When you want to hit the greens, you will find an enjoyable day here.

Surrounding the golf course is the Rancho Santa Anta Claremont Gardens. When you visit the garden, you will be able to feats your eyes on beautiful plants and flowers, all of which are native growing to the southern California area. You can take a guided tour of the gardens or meander through the pathways at your own pace.

While you are at the gardens, you can even attend a lecture and learn from landscape artist, Bob Perry. While you are there, stop by the gift shop and you can ask Professor Perry to sign something.

If you want to enjoy the scenic and breathtaking beauty that surrounds the city, then the Claremont Hills Wilderness Park is a definite must. Including well over one thousand acres of natural wilderness, the park offers a variety of hiking trails and bicycle paths. Each time you visit, you are sure to see something new. Keep in mind that if you visit the park, you will need your hiking boots!

There is much to see and do in Claremont, California. During your visit, make sure to visit these highlights. Whether you want to play a round of golf or hike a mountain trail, you can do so in Claremont.


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