Claremont Community

The Honnald Mudd Library is a major part of the Claremont, California community.
Joining the Claremont Community

No matter your age, there is nothing like getting involved in your community. When you relocate to Claremont, California, the good news is there are plenty of things to do. The bad news is that you may not have time to take part in all of them. There are plenty of community minded options for children, adults, and seniors. All you have to do is know where they are.

When you want to learn about the Claremont community, you can get started by checking out the community listings online. You will find all sorts of activities just waiting to be enjoyed. Below, you will find just a few to consider, but you will find that the city has much, much more to offer. Just take a moment to look around.

The Claremont Community Center is certainly a happening place! Located centrally within the city, the center is often the site for many different activities. In fact, a number of non-profit organizations hold their meetings here. If you want to attend the meetings, then you surely need to know all about the center. In addition, the community center offers special programs for both children and seniors so that everyone will find something to do. The building is also equipped with a computer lab and meeting space.

Claremont sports are certainly waiting for children and adults alike. Offering all sorts of programs, including softball, baseball, basketball, aquatics and soccer, there are plenty of sports options no matter your age. If you or your children wish to take part in sports activities, you can get started today. In addition, the city is home to the Claremont Stars.

The Claremont Stars is a soccer team offered in the city that has continued to stand out as being championship level. In fact, the Stars are a part of the Women’s Professional Soccer League. Whether you want to take part in the sport or just watch a game, the Claremont Stars are sure to provide excitement. You can easily access their schedule and determine when you can attend a game.

Claremont, California certainly has plenty going on. Whether you want to take part in the community activities or you feel like a sporting team is right for you, you will find that this is the place to go. The city offers events for people of all ages, including children, adults and senior citizens. There is certainly a community activity that is right for you.


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