Claremont Emergency Information

Emergency services at the ready in Claremont, California.
The Claremont Emergency Information You Need to Know

Whether you are in Claremont for a visit or to stay, there are certain services that you will need to know about from the get go. Emergency information and services are available to the public in order to take care of the people of the city. Because the city has worked very hard to provide the very best of services to you, all you need to know is what is available and how to contact them. Here are the emergency services that you need to know about available in the California city. They are there to help you. Make sure you know how to depend on them.

The city of Claremont is a 911 supported community, meaning when you dial those three numbers, the voice on the other end of the line will be someone within the city who can easily contact the correct emergency services within seconds.

In case of a fire, you will need to be able to contact the Claremont Fire Department. Because there are three different fire stations within the city, you can count on them to respond quickly to your emergency. To provide even better services, one of these fire stations even includes paramedic services in case someone has been injured. You can rest assure that when you call on them, the fire department will be there for you.

When there are other types of emergencies, you can count on the Claremont PD to be there for you. Serving the city and the surrounding area, including Pomona and La Verne, this public service department makes sure they protect their citizens to the highest degree. Despite the danger that comes along with the work, the men and women who work for the police department put the citizens of the city and their safety above themselves.

When you need health services, you will find that there is a Claremont hospital waiting to serve you. The Pomona Valley Hospital offers the prestigious recognition of being one of the top one hundred health care facilities in the state. Providing top of the line services, including an emergency room, a cancer ward, a cardiac care unit, and even a sleep center, the hospital can take care of you.

When you are in Claremont, California, you can sleep easy knowing that the emergency and public services of the city are there to protect you. Remember that, in case of emergency, you can call 911 to get the help you need.


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