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Taxi's make getting around Claremont, California easy.
Getting Around Claremont

Living in Claremont, California, or even just visiting the city, means that you will need to know what the best ways to get around are. As a visitor, you may find your transportation options would best be suited by a car rental or a taxi cab. For permanent residents, you will definitely want to make use of the city’s metro system. Knowing what transportation options are available is important if you want to get anywhere.

The Foothills Transit Service is quite a useful way to reach a number of places throughout the city as well as the surrounding cities like Pomona and La Verne. This transit system works with a whole line of buses that constantly provide transportation for residents and visitors alike. In order to make use of the system, you will need to look at the Foothills transit schedule and map. You will quickly find that you can get anywhere on one of the buses. In addition, you can pay cash if you have exact change or you can make use of a magnetic transit card which you can reload as you need to.

For a visitor, a car rental in Claremont or a car rental in Pomona or the surrounding areas can be your best option. There are plenty of rental services available, including some of the big names like Avis and Hertz. You will be able to choose the right rental service to meet your needs right online, where you can view rates and reserve the car you need when you need it.

A third way to get around is a Claremont taxi service. If you do not feel comfortable driving yourself but you would rather not search for a bus station, you can make use of a taxi. With knowledgeable and safe drivers, these services can get you where you need to go. You can look at the taxi services available online so that you can choose and call them when you need transportation.

Whether you are planning to live in the city or you are just visiting Claremont, you will want to make sure you have the best way to get around. The city has plenty of transportation options to offer, including the Foothills Transit bus line, a number of car rental services and companies, and a Claremont taxi service as well. By making use of these options, you will find that getting around the city is a piece of cake.


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