Claremont Museums

The Many Museums of Claremont, CA

Because of its ideal location near to many major areas in southern California, and because of the plethora of colleges located within the city, Claremont has become well known for its art galleries and museums. When you are visiting the city, you will definitely enjoy a visit to these museums, where you can learn about the history of the area and enjoy a bit of culture during your stay.

While there are many different locations you could visit, let us discuss for a few moments, two locations that combine the city’s love of heritage and art: the Claremont Museum of Art and the Pomona College Museum of Art. A visit to either one of these will make your day all the more enjoyable.

Featuring a combination of modern art and the works of local artists, the Claremont Museum of Art allows the visitor a glimpse into the heritage of California. The museum is often the host of special events and often includes temporary exhibits that you will not want to miss. Each time you visit the city, make sure to see what is going on at the museum, and you may just find yourself exploring something new.

Claremont is home to eight different college campuses, truly warranting the title of college town. However, one college offers a museum that is sure to catch you attention. The Pomona College Museum of Art is not something to miss.

At the museum, you will find two different types of displays. There are sets of fine art, including paintings from 15th century Italy. These permanent fine art collections will make you gaze in wonder at the talents of artists throughout history. The second type of display is temporary, revolving through the year to include the work of college students. These students will one day be the artists of the future, and their work is worth seeing.

As an art community, Claremont is a place to enjoy. You will find galleries galore and you will feel yourself saturated with the beauty and talent you will see. The city is also a historic location, and you will find a wide variety of museums just waiting to be explored.

When you are in Claremont, California, be sure to visit the museums. Especially make sure to stop by the Claremont Museum of Art and the Pomona College Museum of Art. Each of these has much to offer and is sure to bring you much enjoyment.


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