Claremont Shopping

Plenty of shopping options in Claremont, California.
Shop the Day Away in Claremont and Pomona

When you are on vacation, you will most likely want to take some timeaway from the attractions and entertainment to enjoy shopping. Even if you arenot on vacation, you will want to enjoy a little shopping. When you live in orare visiting Claremont, you will be glad to know that a wide array of shoppingoptions awaits you! Whether you want to shop for clothes or art or anythingelse you could think of, you will find the right place just around the corner.

One of the city’s most well-known staples is the Claremont Village. Thiscollection of shops is located in the central area of the city and is designedto be reminiscent of a Victorian style New England shopping village. Here, youwill find over one hundred shops that range from galleries to boutique. In thevillage, you are sure to find more than a day’s worth of places to visit. Ifyou are in town during October, you may just catch the Village Venture, an artsand crafts festival that lines the streets of the Claremont Village Square.

If a modern shopping mall is more your taste, then never fear. There area number of Claremont shopping malls and shopping centers where you will findany type of store or shop that you may think of. You could spend days and daysshopping at these centers.

In addition to all the options that you will find in Claremont, you willalso find a number of Pomona shopping centers where you will find a mall and anumber of choices and stores. If you are looking for major department stores,you will find them in the Pomona Mall.

In addition to the Claremont Village and the major malls, there are alsoplenty of small shops and centers that are sure to gain your attention as well.You will definitely not lack for a place to visit when you go on a shoppingexcursion.

Claremont is known for a number of things. It is a college town,boasting eight different campuses in the city. It is an art town, offering aselection of museums and galleries. It is a picturesque community with historicbuildings, mountain views, and a national park for hiking or bicycling.Finally, Claremont is a shopping mecca with its historic Village and a numberof malls and centers from which you can choose. 

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