Event Details

The PASS After School Program will be providing a 6 week soccer program to boys and girls aged 8,9 and 10 yrs old, who would like to try/learn new soccer skills, improve existing skills, or those who just want to be active and try something new.

Dates & Times

All Sessions will be from 1pm to 2pm on a Friday on the school field.


– January 19th/26th

- February 2nd/16th/23rd

- March 2nd

Cost - $70 for 6 Weeks

Limited to 20 places


The emphasis at The PASS After School Program will be on player enjoyment and player learning. We will create an environment that allows for experimentation. We will allow for players to learn through trial and error.


The most important factor in The PASS After School Program player development is the use of age appropriate activities and teaching methods.

Techniques that will be developed:

ü Dribbling

ü Passing

ü Receiving

ü Shooting


As well as the skill development the The PASS After School Program through soccer will also provide endless benefits for kids including, confidence, building camaraderie with peers and learning to work with a group as a team, as well as health and fitness.

By signing up, you will also be helping the school athletic department as some of the program fees will be donated back to the school.

  • When: Fri Jan. 19 - 1:00 pm
    Fri Mar. 2 4:00 pm

  • Address: 435 North Berkeley Avenue
    Claremont CA,US 91711

  • Web: Visit Website