Wei Tuo Academy

The Wei Tuo Academy in Montclair is a haven for learning. From Qi Gong, Tai Chi and Kung Fu to meditation, health, medicine and art, the academy helps you train both your mind and body. Harness your qi through exercising the mind and body as one at this qi academy near Claremont.

In a Qi Gong class, you will learn the slow movements that will help you strengthen your qi flow, which will help you maintain and improve both your physical and mental health. You can boost your immune system, regulate your digestion and enjoy other benefits from this practice. The academy also teaches Kung Fu, which is more than just fighting or self-defense. It is a whole way of life, where you or your child can learn confidence, will power, virtues, discipline, humility, harmony and how to use your qi. Kung Fu classes also include philosophy, basic Traditional Chinese Medicine, meditation, nutrition and more knowledge that is useful in life.

In addition, take advantage of the Tai Chi classes, which will teach you an art that is more than an exercise to relax and find balance. Similar to Qi Gong, you will learn about your qi as well as learn powerful virtues and the martial arts behind your movements. It will teach you to live strong. Meditation is also a central practice at the academy, and you can learn to do it correctly through practice.

For more information on the Wei Tuo Academy near Claremont, visit their website at www.WeiTuoAcademy.com to review their philosophy and full list of classes. You can also visit their Facebook page. If you have any questions or would like to attend a class, don’t hesitate to call (909) 447-5654. The academy is located at 4650 Arrow Hwy Ste G-10 in Montclair.

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