Zoom Room

The best way to enhance the relationship between you and your canine best friend is with the Zoom Room in Claremont. Providing exceptional dog training, Zoom Room will help you learn to interact better with your dog and increase the bond that can only be felt between an owner and their pet.

Whether you’re looking for agility classes, obedience training or puppy classes, Zoom Room will be able to help you. They will even provide you with an evaluation of your dog, as well as private training sessions. The Zoom Room has everything your dog might need for training. With weave poles, A-frames, tunnels, jumps, dog agility walks, a teeter totter and a wide range of custom-designed dog agility equipment, both big and small dogs will be able to use the room. In addition the Zoom Room also offers therapy dog training and dog tricks training, as well as a training class for shy dogs, such as rescue dogs, and Calm Down! which is ideal for hyperactive dogs.

The heated facility is available for both classes and rental. It’s the perfect space for birthday parties, get-togethers or special events. Everyone can bring their dog and have fun playing and learning together. The Zoom Room also has a private gym, which is perfect for when you want to get in some quality exercise time with your dog no matter the weather!

For more information on the Zoom Room in Claremont, visit their website at www.claremont.zoomroomonline.com and their Facebook page. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call (909) 333-6171. The Zoom Room is located at 405 W Foothill Blvd #204 in Claremont.

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