An Explanation of the Foley Catheter System

What is the Foley catheter and how does it work for urinary incontinence?  This is a traditional catheter, meaning it is internal and is inserted into a person’s urethra.  The tube is meant to connect to the bladder internally so that urine can be easily drained.  This catheter can actually be left in place for a long period of time.  How does the object stay in place?  It does this by way of a balloon that is filled with sterile water.

The biggest questions most patients have, of course, is: will the procedure be painful?  While it will feel slightly uncomfortable at first, it is not as painful as it seems.  However, it is wise to use lots of lubricant before insertion.  Dry insertion will be far more painful than average.  Use common sense and always be gentle.

The balloon of this catheter keeps the piece in place.  Therefore, the balloon must be deflated in order to remove the piece.  You can do this by inserting a syringe into the valve of the Foley catheter and then pulling back.  After deflation, the catheter can be pulled out.  Cleanliness and sterilization is very important during this procedure, since there is a slight risk of infection that happens with every insertion.  The chance of infection is relatively non-existent provided hygienic rules (provided by your doctor) are followed.  A doctor visit is practically mandatory before you start thinking about purchasing systems.  It’s important for you to undergo an examine to determine if this symptom may be indicative of another health risk.

If you would like more information on how to diagnose incontinence, then look up health resources online that deal with treatment solutions.  While the catheter system is sometimes necessary, ideally, a person should be able to manage the symptoms through dietary changes, lifestyle changes and sometimes medication. 

You can start shopping for these medical supplies immediately.  It’s nice to have a medical supply store that you can trust, as you can look forward to discreet shipping and home product delivery. 


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