An Introduction to the Massage Table Warmer by MassageWarehouse


Here’s a rather obvious thought that perhaps not everyone thinks about. You sit in a relaxing room, with a comfortable temperature, and remove certain items of clothing so that you can enjoy a relaxing massage. Then you discover that the table is freezing! It's not a pleasant sensation. You are no longer relaxed but uncomfortable and there goes the entire point of the massage, which is relaxation. Therefore, you can see why preparing the table is of utmost importance to a professional massage therapist. Ideally, the person is comfortable and the temperature is warm, slightly hotter than regular room temperature. 

Enter the massage table warmer by MassageWarehouse. Actually, there are several brands of massage table warmer. Some are distinctive because of brand, while some serve a specific purpose. For example, a basic table warmer might be an Earthlite brand Electric Fleece Warmer, which offers automatic temperature adjustment. This item actually straps on to the table with elastic straps that keeps the pad in place. The size is generous (30 inches by 72 inches) and there is even a built-in protection device that prevents overheating. Massage therapists can adjust between two different heat settings. The temperature can be simply warm or even slightly hot, at 133 degrees Fahrenheit. 

On the other hand, there are also more expensive brands of massage table warmer by MassageWarehouse, including items like the Deluxe Room Starter Package, which sells for over $200 (compared to $60, as with the Earthlite model). You can also select models according to material, heat settings and extra features. Materials can also differ, anything from flannel to cotton and polyester.

All of these items are secondary to the quality of massage you provide, but then again, you have to take into consideration all of the niceties that make the full experience. You want clients to associate you with a quality service and the little extra do sometimes make all the difference. In addition to massage warmers, there are also sheets, towels, tables, chairs and other supplies that one must budget for. 

If you are interested in buying a quality massage table warmer by MassageWarehouse then try shopping online since you will find convenient home or office shipping as well as the lowest prices on massage table items and other spa equipment. A minor investment upfront in quality supplies will ensure your customers keep coming back. After all, a massage can be very addictive! 


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