Astonishing Properties Of Silver

Silver is an amazing metal with fantastic properties.  This must be why, in turbulent economic times, silver prices increase dramatically.  Silver is one of the first precious metals of value that people turn to in order to hedge against inflation.  Silver is used all around the world in ever-increasing applications.  As time moves forward, the world will see even more applications of this amazing element, whether it be in jewelry, décor, medical, or technological applications. 

Silver has amazing properties of both thermal and electrical conductivity.  This makes silver an excellent material for wiring and circuitry, as well as home heating.  Its reflectivity gives it the competitive edge in many burgeoning green technologies as well.  Silver-coated windows can reflect up to 95% of the Sun’s rays, making it excellent for keeping buildings cool in harsh, desert climates.  This can save people thousands on cooling costs, especially in the summer 

Additionally, silver is used in a whole host of other medical technologies as well.  Because silver has antimicrobial properties, it is an excellent material for limiting or eliminating infections in wounds.  That is why many doctors dress wounds with silver-infused preparations, to help keep away infections so that wounds may heal faster.  Silver was also used to purify drinking water.  Pirates would use silver coins in their water supplies so that the water would stay fresh and potable. 

Silver has been used all over the world for a wide variety of applications, ever since it was first discovered.  It is resistant to corrosion, it conducts heat and electricity, and it staves off infection - so there’s no wonder why this metal is so highly valued in civilization today.  Silver’s price was fixed to that of gold, so as gold values increase, so does silver’s value.  This makes both silver and gold amazingly profitable and stable in tumultuous economies.  They are great ways to hedge against inflation and to keep an even keel in these uncertain economic times.  It’s not uncommon for people who feel scared or uncertain about the future to invest in liquid assets such as precious metals, and as a result, their values tend to increase to historic highs, and these highs are usually inversely proportional to the lows seen in the rest of the market.

Silver prices have seen dramatic highs in recent years, thanks to economic fallouts around the globe.  As above-ground supplies begin to decrease, the demand for precious metals like silver will almost certainly see unprecedented highs in the future.  The time is right to invest in this miraculous metal.

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