Backup VMware to Avoid Disaster

Technology has provided us with many modern productive tools, such as VMware. We all know we need to backup our computer files. Many companies backup their network as a matter of routine. What about your VMware data? What would happen to your business if a virus infected your virtual environment and caused all your virtual PCs to crash? If you have a robust VMware backup solutions installed you can simply remove the virus and restore your VMware machines. If you do not have a viable backup and restore program in place the data is lost, perhaps permanently.

The best virtual backup solutions use powerful tools to restore and protect your data, but are easy to use on a daily basis. Some vendors offer hard to use tools, and require you to buy additional hardware and software. The leader in virtual backup technology is PHD.  Their systems only require a single server, and they offer software downloads to help manage your virtual computing environment.

PHD incorporates state of the art technology into all their backup systems, such as self-healing. When you are restoring data it is imperative that the files be accurate and original. If the system finds damaged files the self-healing function fixes the corrupt files, and does it all in the background. All of PHD’s VMware backup solutions are powerful, yet are easy to use and deploy. The entire system is managed from one single point called XenCenter. Backups and restore functions are initiated from within XenCenter with simple right clicks of the mouse. The set and forget scheduling jobs can be set-up in XenCenter for performing routine backups.

PHD software downloads allow individual files to be restored to the virtual computer. You do not need to restore the entire VMware image unless it is needed. This benefit increases production. In addition, since the system compresses data you save on costly backup storage. The PHD Virtual Backup software is easily installed. Simply deploy the VM backup application, set-up the backup server, and install the XenCenter plugin, and you are ready to backup data.

On the whole, it is essential that businesses implement easy to use, but powerful VMware backup solutions. Virtual machines can crash. Protecting your data keeps production up, customers happy, and higher profit margins are the result. Waiting for the enviable disaster will have a negative impact on your business. PHD has the system you need to protect your virtual data from disaster.

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