Call and Contact Center Solutions

Call centers and customer service contact centers can be huge assets to companies both large and a bit smaller, but they do not work as effectively as possible unless the right contact center solutions and call center software are used and utilized. The right software can make or break a contact center, or it can be the difference between one that works efficiently and one that merely passes for acceptable. Companies such as Syntellect have been developing solutions for your businesses and their respective contact centers. Below are a few of those solutions.

Communications Portal

A communications portal from Syntellect is a software development which combines support technologies such as computer telephony integration, interactive voice response systems, video messaging, and e-mail management systems on one simpler platform. This portal essentially takes a number of already effective software solutions and combines them in one easy to use and more convenient location. This makes the communications portal a valuable tool for contact and call centers, as efficiency is often their biggest obstacle.

Computer Telephony Integration

Computer telephony integration can link your contact center's phone systems and computer systems so that they can work together seamlessly. Users can control their phones from their computers and their computers from their phones. They can also view detailed information relevant to the calls they are placing or receiving directly on their desktop, and can even place and answer calls from their computer with just one click of the mouse. This technology is essential contact centers because of the efficiency it offers. Users are much more organized because of the information that is readily available to them, and they save significant time and effort by not having to sift through endless customer accounts and files trying to find the right information. Computer telephony integration even benefits your customers and clients, as it makes for a much shorter phone call because of how prepared the user on the other end of the phone is.

Customer Interaction Management

Customer Interaction Management technology provides users with the ability to control all of the different types of customer interactions, such as interactive voice response queries, telephone conversations, voice mail messages, emails, web instant message conversations, web transactions and faxes. This technology works side by side with other technologies, such as computer telephony integration, and gives your call center users more information and detailed views of customers and their histories of interactions.


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