Dental Assistant: A Very Fulfilling Career

In these trying economic times, there don't seem to be too many promising fields to get into for a career, as opposed to a mere job. After all, as you well know, many people who thought that they had a considerable amount of job security were shown otherwise when the economic downturn struck full-force. Nonetheless; there are some high-growth fields out there, and the medical health profession claims many of them. Dental assistant school, for example, is poised to show explosive growth in numbers; and yet, labor statistics show that there still won’t be nearly enough qualified people to fulfill these crucial positions in the coming years.

The Duties of a Dental Assistant

Many people who have completed dental assistant school come out very pleased at the level of preparation and competence that the school left them with to perform their real-world duties. There are some schools that can even be completed in less than a summer’s coursework, without taking any shortcuts, and consist of classroom instruction coupled with hands-on laboratory work. You would exit with every bit as much confidence as a seasoned dental assistant; and with the job placement offered by many dental assistant schools, can start earning a competitive salary almost right away.

As a dental assistant, many of the duties you would be performing are akin to the function of a nurse to a doctor. While it is very much a support role; many dental assistants point to their reception and lasting relationships with patients as one of the most fulfilling parts of their job – they count the availability of steady work, irrespective of geographical region, as the other. The dentist’s office has always been one of the more terrifying places for the average person to visit, and as the first line of defense against the association of the office with pain, they depend on you to allay their fears and help them get comfortable.

Online Dental Assistant Schools – A New Era of Instruction?

Dental Schools are becoming such fertile grounds of instruction that they have cropped up, in many cases to excellent effect, in Cyberspace. You can actually study to become a dental assistant by logging on and completing the requisite coursework at an accredited university, and be just as eligible for top job placement as someone who attended a brick-and-mortar. In truth, however, it is always better to look for an online dental school that has physical locations nearby, so that you don’t miss out on the more interactive classroom setting, as well as the hands-on training, if only to boost your confidence when you get out in the field and start setting trays to prepare the teeth for filling by the dentist.

The room for salary growth in the field is nothing short of amazing, when compared to other careers and professions that require a comparable amount of short, but intense, schooling. As your experience goes, your excellence at the myriad of tasks required in a dental office will be noted by the dentist and your pay will rise accordingly, as well as your eligibility for dental assistant jobs in top offices. Just imagine what they pay in a high-class area such as Beverly Hills or the Hamptons. The ready availability of overtime will nonetheless keep any dental assistant in any office well-employed. Should you choose to move on to a different office for whatever reason, your pay should increase because of the experience gained in the previous one.


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