Enjoy Paintball Sniping With the Tippmann A5

Great paintball guns can be hard to come by. It seems like there are hundreds of companies out there putting out different guns in almost every price range, and it can be easy to get caught up by stylish designs, clever names, and great price points coupled with big promises. Yet it seems that players always come back to the trusted favorites. For people who enjoy taking on the sniper role in tactical or regular paintball games, the Tippmann A5 is nothing short of an absolute classic and is still one of the best guns on the market today.

The Tippmann A5 is a sniper’s dream. With easy upgradability, remarkable accuracy, and a great design, it is simply an ideal weapon. These things are just part of why it has long been an absolute favorite weapon for paintball enthusiasts the world over. The A5 is largely considered to be the most customizable gun on the market today, and you will find that adding a sniper kit can make you easily one of the most dangerous foes that your opponents have ever had to face on the field of battle.

Of course there is more to love about the Tippmann A5 than just its ability to help make you a great paintball sniper. The gun also works on both CO2 and compressed air, giving you more options in how you want to play. With the A5, the gun is also fed automatically, ensuring that your paintballs never get stuck in the hopper in the heat of battle. By automatically feeding, you can ensure that you can fire as quickly as possible, enabling you to get off critical shots when you need them most. With different modifications and upgrades, you will also find that the A5 is as well suited for close range combat as sniping.

There is truly not a more versatile and well loved gun than the Tippmann A5. Whether you love this gun for sheer upgradability, incredible accuracy and speed, or its flawless and timeless design, there is just something remarkable about this model that cannot be found in other paintball guns. It takes a lot to make a gun a classic in a world where there are thousands of options available, yet if you ask most true paintball enthusiasts what one gun offers the most in upgradability and sheer playability the response will be nearly unanimous in favor of the Tippman A5.

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