Helping the Environment with West Hills Solar Systems

Recently, we witnessed a miracle of modern flight. The world’s first pollution-free international flight was completed and was run using solar panels. Flying both day and night, the plane made use of twelve thousand solar cells and travelled around the world, landing in Morocco at the end of the voyage.

When the mission first started in 2010, the first flight lasted only 26 hours. While the top speed for the plane is only about 30 miles per hour, the aircraft has set the precedent for commercial airlines to adopt this technology or integrate it into their existing fleets in an effort to set a good example and remain good global citizens.

What does this incredible feat mean for us? We are witnessing a boom in renewable energies and it is time for us to climb aboard. We have a social responsibility to this planet and it is about time that we start holding ourselves accountable. The consequences if we do not will be detrimental to not only ourselves but our children, grandchildren, forests, oceans and lakes.

A large part of this accountability is making sure that we are using energy from a clean source as opposed to energy that is a byproduct of burning fossil fuels, which quickly erode away at the ozone layer and release toxic chemicals into the environment. 

For residents of West Hills, solar has already taken the town by storm. We are seeing a trend towards this dedication to making the world a better place to live, one solar panel at a time. In West Hills, solar energy can mean the difference between a struggle for generations to come or a lush landscape ripe with all of the natural luxuries that we are afforded today.

If you are living in the area of West Hills, solar panels can help you not only save the earth but save money as well. On average, a home can save upwards of a few thousand dollars a year on their electricity bills by having solar panels installed. It is easy to see how in West Hills, solar installations are all the rage as they serve a dual purpose.

If you’ve been considering a solar installation, why not call the experts? Visit to learn more about what you can do for the environment and what solar panels can do for you. This amazingly advantageous technology has never been easier to own or afford.  

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