How a Condom Catheter Works

A condom catheter is a very helpful tool when it is necessary. This device is a type of male urinary incontinence device. A flexible covering will fit right over the top of the man's penis. It works similar to a condom in terms of how it is put on. The top portion is then attached to a tube. That tube usually runs down along the leg of the individual. It then drains into a bag. This urinary storage bag then collects the urine until the user empties it. For those who have the inability to control urine flow and bladder function, this product can work very well to help you to achieve more control over your bodily functions.

The device is helpful in numerous instances. It is most commonly used when men suffer from male urinary incontinence. This is a medical condition brought on by various types of illnesses as well as from advancing age. In addition to this, many men who suffer from Alzheimer's disease will also benefit from the use of these devices. The condom catheter is an effective way of helping individuals to control urine flow even when the physical condition of the person is not what it should be. Even those who do not leave a bed or who are home bound will benefit from the use of this product.

For those who do need to use a condom catheter, they are rather easy to use. The user simply needs to roll the flexible sheathing over the top of the penis. Some external catheters are secured to the penis using a type of double-sided adhesive. It does not hurt to remove this, though. In other cases, some of these devices will have a jockey style strap that the individual wears around their body. This helps to hold it into place. The options for using these will range widely depending on the man's needs and his ability to change the device.

In most cases, the condom catheter can provide protection from accidents for 24 to 48 hours, but most will change it more often. For those who need them, purchasing can be easy. A medical site may carry the product that you need. This may be the least expensive method for purchasing the catheter and other supplies necessary. Do ensure you buy from a trusted medical site to ensure the product works as described and maintains safety.

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