How to Determine What Spa Equipment You Need

Are you just now starting your own spa company?  Then it’s about time you consider some of the best spa equipment to add to your inventory.  Indeed, the clientele’s expectations are high when you advertise beauty and relaxation services.  No doubt, you will find plenty of options out there. 

The most common products sold to spa owners include chairs, tables, trolley carts and manicure tables.  However, there are also other spa equipment and supplies you can look into, and these tend to be on the high-tech side.  For example, you can buy steamer and micro-dermabrasion machines, as well as steamer lamps, oxygen concentrators, wax warmers and Vichy beds (which feature computer controlled functions, sewerage, cleaning mechanisms and temperature heaters).  You can buy these supplies from general online stores or stores that specialize in spa supplies.

Of course, this technology can also be pricey.  Therefore, it is recommended that you only buy what you can immediately use.  For the best results, research what your clients want.  You can do this by taking a survey, or by scouting your nearest competition.  In the end, it’s the quality of a pedicure and massage and beauty treatment that will determine your popularity.  Whatever other features you have, they should exist only to enhance the overall experience—not distract from poor work quality.

You can also read the latest health news to see what the most popular and talked about spa equipment is these days.  Last but not least, don’t forget to budget for decorations and amenities!  Little things like welcome mats, signage, posters and music are not merely equipment or expenses—they are a part of your brand.  You must promote your brand at all times and one of the best ways to do this is by creating a welcoming environment in your spa. 

You may be focusing on one specific service when running your spa.  For example, you may want to give more attention to beauty treatment than relaxation therapy.  If this is the case, focus on building a complete beauty experience rather than adding relaxation supplies that feel incomplete.  It’s all about presenting the best experience possible to the customer.

You can get started shopping right now!  You don’t have to have any special licenses just to shop for spa services.  You can get started previewing and buying online.  For the best deals, check out discounts on shipping and quantity buys, as this is the best way to save.

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