How to Remove Kinesio Tape

Kinesio tape is used by athletes and physical therapy patients to help heal muscle and joint pain. By placing the tape in certain patterns on the traumatized area, the injured area is then able to heal more quickly. People who apply tape regularly are athletes, physical therapists, chiropractors, nurses, trainers, and patients with muscle injuries. The tape is applied directly to clean and lotion free skin so that it can stick to the skin without slipping off. In addition, most patients have the tape placed on them by qualified professionals like their physical therapist or sports trainer because the placement of the tape is crucial to whether or not it will work.

Removing Kinesio tape is relatively easy and you don’t need to see a specialist to have it removed. You can remove Kinesio tape easily on your own with a few inexpensive supplies.
1. When you are getting ready to take off the Kinesio tape, you can use olive oil, lotion, baby oil, or even soap and water. Oil-based solvents work best, but anything that you can use to soak the tape will work. Allow the tape to soak for five minutes and then try to remove it. If the tape still seems stuck, let it soak for another five minutes.

2. Next, lift the edge of one side of the tape slowly and peel it up and off. Unlike ripping off a bandage, you want to peel the tape off in one smooth, fluid, and slow movement. If you need help with this step, you can lift the edge of the tape with one hand while pressing down on the skin with the other hand. This will help to separate the skin from the tape and give you more leverage to pull the tape off.

3. After you’ve taken off the tape, you can throw it away in the trashcan. Clean the oil off your skin or rub it into the area where the tape was placed. If you need to reapply new Kinesio tape, then clean the oil off with soap and water. Oil will keep the tape from sticking so you want to make sure your skin is completely oil free and dry. If you are not reapplying tape then you can simply towel the area off and be on your way.

Kinesio Tex tape is a great tool to use for muscle injury or soreness. Once you are done using the Kinesio tape you can easily remove it as long as you have the above simple tools at your disposal.

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