Is Your VM Backup Software Safe against Hackers

If you own a large business or enterprise that manages a large number of virtual machines, you have likely spent time with IT professionals going over what you are to do in the event of a crash or major data loss. You have also likely considered a number of backup and restoration options. There are many VM backup software options out there, and knowing which one is right for you can be hard. One thing you should certainly be looking for in today’s world is a program that is safe against hackers and network intruders.

One of the most common ways for a program to provide backup for virtual machines is through the use of a Windows based application. The app works to provide backup services as well as to manage your backup files. In truth, however, there are a number of potential problems with utilizing this method. For starters, Windows viruses are quite common and can prove devastating to your infrastructure. Other risks include zero day vulnerabilities and the need for constant security patches to help protect your system. When you are looking for an efficient VM backup software solution, you deserve better.

Instead of turning to a system that requires a Windows based app, enterprises are advised to seek out virtual backup appliances that work within the program itself. When there are no open incoming ports, hackers have no way to access your backups. Instead, the backup appliances are run directly from templates and are destroyed as soon as the backup is complete. This means that your backups are immune to viruses and that hackers will have no means of accessing your data or compromising the security of your system. In today’s world, these are very important benefits.

Keeping your virtual machines safe is essential in protecting your business. Your VM backup software should be able to provide you with the ideal blend of efficiency and security without slowing your system to a halt or requiring the purchase and use of additional hardware and software. When speed and protection are your top priorities and you need the best backups possible, you need to pay attention to the way your backup appliances are deployed. Hackers and viruses are smarter and more dangerous than ever, and you need a software solution that can take away the threat rather than simply offering patches to help mitigate it.

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