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Right in the heart of Claremont, California is the stunning art gallery, Loft 204.  Bringing you gorgeous contemporary pieces in various mediums, the historic Loft 204 itself resides in an artistic city.

Loft 204 is happy to bring you and your entire family an array of art workshops that range from jewelry making to collage. Loft 204 encourages everyone to find their inner creativity. No matter your skill level or how long you’ve been practicing art, Loft 204 supports you in your medium!

Loft 204 is a wonderful building with fantastic industrial architecture!  This aids in the viewing of contemporary art.  You have the opportunity to attend an opening reception at Loft 204 for an art exhibition on the first Friday of every month!  Take advantage of this opportunity and bring your family or a friend for a wonderful night of beauty and art you will never forget.

A unique artist is featured every month.  You also have the opportunity to rent out the gorgeous space of Loft 204 for your special Claremont event!

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