Oakley Backpacks Come From a Long Tradition of High Quality Sports Gear

Oakley, Inc. has been making sports equipment since 1975 when Jim Jannard started his company out of a garage with just $300. It didn’t take long for his innovative gear to gain tremendous recognition in the world of sports. It is now one of the most widely recognized sports brands available. Beginning with motorcycle grips for motocross events and sports glasses, Oakley went on to produce numerous essentials for a number of sports, including Oakley backpacks.

Oakley backpacks commit to the same high standards as all Oakley products. All of the company’s products are put through rigorous impact tests to ensure their durability. The many extra features that each pack implements are a large part of their appeal.

For those who specialize in a single sport, Oakley offers highly specialized packs. For instance, the Oakley Surf backpack is geared for surfers who need a way to transport their essential surfing gear. It is designed for both wet and dry storage. The bag itself is water resistant and includes drain ports for a wetsuit. In this pack, you will find an interior stuff sack that can also be used as a changing mat. Extra storage units include a place for your water bottle, an eyewear pocket, and a sealed bag for board waxing accessories. The bottom of this pack is rubberized for extra durability.

Oakley backpacks can be used for just about any sport or activity. When deciding on a pack, it is important to read about what features are included. Some will easily accommodate laptops. Others are more resistant to water. There are rolling gear bags that work well for long-distance travel, and still others that are better for travel on foot. Such packs will include comfortable, yet durable padded straps.

Oakley backpacks and other Oakley products have gained such wide recognition that they have even been featured in popular movies such as Mission: Impossible 2, Spider-Man, and in the X-Men series. While this has helped increase the company’s exposure, the true test of their quality is in their ever-growing sales around the globe. Outdoor enthusiasts and sports fans have relied on Oakley sunglasses, packs, and other gear for several decades. Within each gear category, whether it is sunglasses, packs, or other performance gear, there are many varieties to choose, each one tested to meet the company’s protection and quality standards.


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