Paintball Pants for Protection and Speed

At one time, paintball was a small-scale game played by a few pioneers of the sport. That was three decades ago. Now, after many years of improvements on both the equipment and the rules of the game, paintball has gained worldwide popularity. For those serious about the game, high quality gear is essential. Besides the paintball gun itself, protective gear must be considered. There are many pieces of protective gear needed. For the purposes of this article, we’ll focus on the many varieties paintball pants.

Depending on what setting you prefer to play in, there are many styles of paintball pants to choose from. No matter what the environment, it is important that the pants you wear are heavy duty. Paintballs can leave welts if the skin is left unprotected, which is why paintball players wear protective gear that includes a face mask, goggles, gloves, and sturdy outerwear.

There are a few features to look for when deciding on a pair of quality paintball pants. If you are buying a pair for outdoor use, waterproof neoprene pants work well. Zippers that are protected from dirt and paint will help your pants to last longer. Many modern-style pants now come with knee pads already integrated into the material. Triple density knee pads provide the most protection. Pre-curved Kevlar knee enforcements help to fight against abrasion. Hip slider pads avoid hipbone injury.

If you are playing a game of paintball in the woods, paintball pants that are camouflaged will give you the extra edge you need in order to win the game. For indoor games, a lighter weight material that doesn’t compromise on strength will allow increased mobility.

Whether playing an indoor or outdoor game, ventilation is important. Even on colder days, sweat can build up as you run around the playing field. To avoid this discomfort, check out the ventilation features on any gear that you are considering.

Pockets and belt loops are important storage features. You’ll want all of your gear close to your body as everything on you becomes a target. However, you don’t want your pants or top to be tight fitting. To some degree, baggier is better when it comes to paintball. This deflects paintballs better and creates less injuries.

As you can see, you can greatly personalize not only all of your paintball equipment, but also the clothes you wear for the game. Take the time to do a little research and you are likely to find the gear that will work best for you.

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