Plantronics blackwire - blackwire headset � piece #2

When someone walks into any call center that individual will see people wearing headsets to allow them to speak to clients and business associates without having to hold on to the phone while working. This hands-free experience makes it much easier for those workers to type information on the computer, take notes by hand and enables those individuals to move around freely while on the call. Many of the older style headsets these employees wore were heavy, cumbersome pieces of equipment. If an individual is going to be wearing a headset during an eight-hour workday, it makes sense to be comfortable during that time. The Plantronics blackwire C435-M discreet PC headset not only offers the same hands-free experience but gives an individual an opportunity to wear a headset that works well and is barely noticeable to others.

The Plantronics blackwire is designed to allow people to engage in video conferencing, conference calls and one-on-one calls with the freedom to multi-task and freely move around an office or home. Plantronics designed the blackwire headset in such a manner to be compatible with smartphone apps, an important characteristic since so many people use smartphones today. The Plantronics blackwire is also compatible with Microsoft Office Communicator 2007 and Microsoft Lync 2010.

Clients will love the slick design of the blackwire headset. Plantronics made this device to be worn in the manner most comfortable for each individual, whether worn around the neck, over both ears or just over one ear. The noise cancelling microphone that is a part of the Plantronics blackwire limits outside noise. The Digital Signal Processing which is part of the technology of the Plantronics blackwire and the wideband frequency optimizes audio for better voice quality.

Pick up a blackwire headset today and experience the comfort and call clarity that Plantronics built into this simple piece of equipment!

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