Popular Features of Diabetes Meters

With so many different diabetes meters on the market, the process of deciding which one is right for you may be a little bit overwhelming, to say the least. Obviously, your health care professional is in the best position to offer you personal guidance here. We can offer you some general guidance, though. The way we intend to do that is by describing the most prominent features of a couple of diabetes meters in particular. There are other meters on the market that have these features, too, so our goal in doing this is to provide you with some ideas on some things you might want to be on the lookout for.

One of the diabetes meters you might have been hearing about a lot lately in medical news is the OneTouch Ultra. It's manufactured by a company called Lifescan, Inc. It utilizes electrochemical technology and features a screen than some patients find substantially easier to read than the screens on some other meters. It also features a very fast test time (less than five seconds), and it requires a very small blood sample. Also, the meter itself is very small. In fact, it's smaller than the vast majority of the other meters that are available. Many patients find its small size very convenient when it comes to carrying it around on their person all day.

Lifescan, Inc. has also manufactured a sequel to the OneTouch Ultra. It's called, appropriately enough, the OneTouch Ultra 2. Unlike its predecessor, which utilizes electrochemical technology, this one makes use of biosensor technology. It features memory that can store before meal and after meal averages. One way it's similar to the OneTouch Ultra, though, is that both of them support alternate site testing, and both of them give lightning fast, accurate results while requiring extremely small blood samples. As a result, they both have developed reputations for being relatively painless to use, which doubtless accounts in large part for their popularity.

Most of these meters aren't very expensive. As a result, you won't be losing much money if you try one out and decide you don't like it and you'd like to try another one. While they each have their own unique set of features, virtually all of them try to be as easy to use (and comfortable) as possible. Of course, they all also strive for accuracy. Within the guidelines provided by your health care professional, you'll have several options available from which you should be able to find one you're happy with.

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