Selecting and Using a Massage Table Warmer by MassageWarehouse

One of the nicest things you can add to your massage table is a massage table warmer by MassageWarehouse. These simple table warmers greatly enhance client comfort and help to warm the muscles so that massages and treatments are more effective. As you probably know, a relaxed client or patient is much easier to work with, and people who can effectively relax during their treatments tend to reap the best benefits. Here, you will find some valuable tips for selecting and using massage table warmers.

Selecting a Massage Table Warmer
It is important to choose a table warmer that can stand up to the demands you are going to be placing on it. Some table warmers are equipped with automatic shutoff features to help conserve energy. This type of table warmer is best for a low volume massage or treatment venue, since it will need to be activated before each client is taken care of. Other table warmers will turn off automatically after a few hours, or stay on until they are manually shut off. These are good for high volume venues. One of the newest features massage table warmers are now coming with is an automatic turn-on feature. With this table warmer, the power comes on when the warmer is covered, and it turns off when the warmer is uncovered.

Another feature to look for when selecting a massage table warmer by MassageWarehouse is the covering. Some come with cozy coverings like polar fleece or fleece, and others come with terry coverings that are absorbent and ideal for spa treatments. 

Using a Massage Table Warmer
Often, the best massage table warmers have different controls that handle the time and the temperature of the warmer. When you get a new massage table warmer by MassageWarehouse, familiarize yourself with its features before using it. Talk to your clients about their comfort level to ensure they are neither too cold nor too hot, and encourage them to let you know if they need the temperature lowered or raised. 

Finally, consider adding a massage table pad and comfortable massage sheets to your table, over the massage table warmer itself. While just about every massage table warmer by MassageWarehouse comes with a washable cover, adding extra layers can help to extend the warmer's life while helping to keep clients even more comfortable. Clean your table warmer after each use to increase sanitation, and periodically test it yourself to be sure it is operating properly.  


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