Spa Equipment Needed To Open Your Own Spa

Everyone knows that when starting a business, preparation is key. This is definitely true when opening your own spa. You will need all of the necessary spa equipment in order to offer a wide variety of treatments to your customers. Once you have decided what treatments you would like to have available at your spa, you can begin to shop around for the spa equipment that will make those treatments possible.

The first thing you must decide is what you want people to instantly know about your spa. What will the signature be? Will you be known for your wonderful massage therapy? Will you be known for your impeccable manicures and pedicures? Of course, it can be a combination of several treatments, but you will have to have all of the best spa equipment to make this possible.

If you are working on a tight budget, and you’re worrying about the cost of equipment, start with the most important pieces, the pieces of equipment that can be used for more than one procedure. For example, the most important pieces of spa equipment in most spas are the massage tables and the pedicure chairs. If you can only afford to purchase a few major items in the beginning, these are good places to start because they are quite universal.

A massage table is the biggest and most necessary piece of equipment needed if you are going to have a massage therapist on staff. With just one table, they have the ability to offer many different massage services. The same goes with the pedicure chair. Although it is primarily designed for pedicures, it is possible to perform other treatments while the customer is in the chair. There are many different sitting massage treatments, or you can also style hair in the chair. Do not look for the cheapest models either; you are going to want the most durable and the most comfortable chairs and tables to keep your new clients coming back.

While these big ticket items will get you started, there is plenty of additional spa equipment that you will need, and that you can add. If you consult a medical resource, you will need quite a bit of supplies such as linens, oils, hair care products, and lotions. You will need cabinets and other storage equipment. There are many spa specific cabinets that will also keep your linens warmed for your customers. It is this attention to quality and to detail that will help your spa thrive.


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