The Australian Gold Nugget Coins

The Australian Gold Nugget coin series is a beautiful gold bullion coin which is minted by the famous Perth Mint. The coin series is a major target for ambitious investors and collectors who are worried about gold coin prices, especially because it has several available denominations. The Australian Gold Nugget coins are available in 1/20 oz., 1/10 oz., 1/4 oz., 1/2 oz., 1 oz., 2 oz., 10 oz., and 1 kg versions. All of these versions have legal tender status in Australia, and they are actually one of the very few legal tender coins (bullion gold coins) which changes its design every year (another example of a coin which changes its design every year is the Chinese Gold Panda coin series).

The constant influx of new designs keeps the interest and demand high for collectors, especially as the set continues to grow. Another reason the demand remains high is that, unlike many of the other gold bullion coins available to collectors, the annual mintage of the Australian Gold Nugget is steadily low every year. This keeps the number of available coins on the low side, the demand high, and, thus, the value of the gold coins high.

Gold coin prices generally fluctuate with the market, but keeping the mintage numbers low ensures the high demand necessary for maintaining value. The Australian Gold Nugget coin series was first introduced by the Western Australian Gold Corporation in 1986.

The different denominations have the following specifications:

1.) 1/20 troy oz. coin: Diameter: 14.10 mm Thickness: 1.40 mm Weight: 0.0500 troy oz. (1.5552 g) Face value: $5

2.) 1/10 troy oz. coin: Diameter: 16.10 mm Thickness: 1.30 mm Weight: 0.1000 troy oz. (3.11 g) Face value: $15

3.) 1/4 troy oz. coin: Diameter: 20.10 mm Thickness: 1.80 mm Weight: 0.2500 troy oz. (7.78 g) Face value: $25

4.) 1/2 troy oz. coin: Diameter: 25.10 mm Thickness: 2.20 mm Weight: 0.5001 troy oz. (15.55 g) Face value: $50

5.) 1 troy oz. coin: Diameter: 32.10 mm Thickness: 2.65 mm Weight: 1.0001 troy oz. (31.10 g) Face value: $100

6.) 2 troy oz. coin: Diameter: 40.40 mm Thickness: 3.35 mm Weight: 2.000 troy oz. (62.21 g) Face value: $500

7.) 10 troy oz. coin: Diameter: 59.70 mm Thickness: 7.65 mm Weight: 10.00 troy oz. (311.0 g) Face value: $2500

8.) 1 kilo coin: Diameter: 74.50 mm Thickness: 15.80 mm Weight: 32.154 troy oz. (1000 g) Face value: $10,000 

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