The Benefits of a Heated Massage


Not all massages are created equal.  There are countless techniques when it comes to generating the most beneficial results of the massage you are giving.  Whether the purpose of your massage is for business, fun and relaxation with friends, or romance, it is important to have the perfect environment for your massage.  One of the most crucial aspects of the perfect massage environment is temperature.

When giving your massage, you don’t want to perform in a meat freezer.  No matter what your purpose is, cold is not ideal for an effective rubdown.  Heat is recommended for giving a deeper massage to your recipient.  The higher the temperature is, the more the body opens up at all levels.

The massages are meant to relax, soothe, heal painful injuries, and release tension.  The colder the environment and, in turn, the recipient are, the more tense their body will become.  The body can even become TOO tense to accomplish any of the goals of your massage. If the back is cold, it will be as if you are trying to massage tension out of a brick wall.  The muscles will not allow good feelings to enter nor will they allow bad feelings to exit.

When the body is warm, muscle tissue loosens and pores on the skin open up.  The loosening of the muscles allows you to get deep under the skin to soothe pain in hard to reach places.  Damage caused by injuries or by simply sitting in a certain position every day can become trapped in deep tissue or in the spinal cord and bones.  As you reach deeper and deeper into the tissue of the back, you can rub this damage to the point where it is released from those hard to reach places, and you can push this damage right out of those painful places. 

Many believe that as you massage this pain and tension throughout the back, it can be released through the pores of your fortunate recipient.  The end result is a relaxed back and body.  As you will find, the result of that state of relaxation will be a satisfied customer, a happy friend, or an appreciative lover. 

There are many techniques for achieving the proper heat for your massaging environment.  One specific product that is highly recommended is the massage table warmer by MassageWarehouse.  It is surely an effective method for warming the body of your pleased massage recipient.  So remember to keep them warm and observe as you soothe their body with far greater ease.  Discover the benefits of heated massage today.

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