The Best Qualities of Massage Sheet Sets

What are the best qualities of massage sheet sets?  These are sheets used to cover the massage table as clients receive massage therapy.  True, the sheets can be of cheap or low quality if you want to maximize profit and lower expenses, however, clients do tend to be picky when it comes to a good massage.  They not only want a skilled therapist working with them—they also want a thoroughly comfortable experience.  Better quality sheets help to enhance the experience.

Massage sheet sets are often made from luxury cotton and flannel material, meaning it is extra soft.  This makes the experience very comfy, and long lasting.  Furthermore, the most popular sheets are the ones that have extra depth, length and width, as some tables may be larger in size.  For that matter, some sheet sets are intended to fit over table warmers, which add to overall table size when they are set up.  These sheet sets also feature an altered face rest cover design, which allows for extra thickness of the face rest pad. 

The longer the sheet, the more coverage is provided, even if there is moving around.  Naturally, the fitted sheet must have a tight and elastic edge so that it fits on tight and is not in danger of falling off or becoming uneven.  High quality sheets may have 170 thread count or higher, and can be made of a variety of fine materials.  Flannel is particularly good in all seasons, warm and cold.  Obviously, it’s best to look for massage sheet sets that are machine washable and won’t be affected by a washing-drying cycle.

Remember also that ambiance is an important part of the massage process.  So, make an effort to make your massage room and office very welcoming.  Some therapists provide plenty of pleasant visuals, nice aromas and a variety of matching colors that create a mood, as well as a positive feeling in the client.  Some may even choose to have soft and elegant music playing in the background.  Anything that helps to relax a tense client is worth investing in, because the client is going to associate positive experiences with your massage business.

If you would like to read more about the benefits of massage sheet sets, or other massage supplies, such as table warmers, tables, gels and oils, carrying cases and the like, look up a medical info website or an online store that sells such supplies. 

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