The Best Spyder Paintball Guns to Buy

The Best Spyder Paintball Guns to Buy

The Spyder Paintball Guns Company produces high quality paintball guns for active competition. The company dates back to 1994 and since then has sought to create reliable paintball markers that are high-tech but also affordable. The company states that it has a “passion for paintball,” and their passionate products have earned the attention of numerous industry sources. The name Spyder is certainly well known in the sport, but what advantages does the company provide?

The company provides a host of different markers in distinct categories. For example, the Classic Series of Spyder paintball guns includes the Electra series and the Fenix series. However, the Spyder guns responsible for that paintballing racket are the Xtra, the Sonix, the Victor and the Pilot.

The Xtra is a semi-automatic marker that’s mechanically based. It has an expansion chamber and a drop forward feature. It is ideally recommended for the beginning player. The Xtra is an affordable marker and can be easily upgraded, which novice players will appreciate. However, it is the least expensive model and does not perform as well as some other Spyder products. The Sonix is also an affordable marker and made for the same group of novice players. These guns work on CO2 operation. The Victor and Pilot series also work on CO2 but are more powerful models with additional features than the novice level. These guns are also easier to work with, since they have an easier way to change firing modes. They also have a quick-release bolt design.

If you are looking for advanced paintball markers, then check out the MR1-4 series, including the MR4, with a superior Air Efficient EKO Valve System of operation, and the MR2, with a 25 BPS rate of fire. These high-tech guns are also compatible with numerous accessories like red dot sight (for aiming) and wrap around grips.

While you’re shopping for Spyder guns, remember to bundle up and protect yourself from all that flying paint. With the Avant Goggle System, you can thoroughly protect your head with dual density foam, a facemask, strap anchor, visor, and an innovative twist-lock retention system.

Spyder Paintball Guns is based in Baldwin Park, California. However, their products are available online from a number of authorized retailers. Do not go into battle without your weaponry. Spyder is the biggest name in the business and will make sure you are adequately armed!

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