Top 8 Greatest Moments In Biggest Loser History

The Biggest Loser is one of the most life-changing shows on television. Each episode is filled with details about the contestants' struggles, ways to change lifelong habits, and hosts that provide inspiration to not only the people on the show, but those who watch Biggest Loser.

Whether you watch Biggest Loser or not, there is a good chance you have heard some of the stories of lives that have been changed. Whether it's the sheer determination of a contestant, a kind moment, or a moment of revelation, many people watch Biggest Loser to see the changes being made. A few moments will stand out forever in the hearts and minds of fans.

ONE - Ali Vincent made history as The Biggest Loser's first female winner! Her exit from the show early on and the surprise of her coming back as the biggest at home loser shook the whole house. Ali came back more determined than ever and fought her way to winning the grand prize.

TWO - Patrick House's determination and refusal to quit, even when he was behind, paid off in a big way when the two people ahead of him during a challenge waited and let him win a car that his family desperately needed. As an unemployed father of two, this was an amazing gift given to him by his competitors.

THREE - Tara Costa destroyed the competition while she was on the show. She made all the challenges look like a breeze, even the one where she had to pull a car! She even managed to do it a second time in a later season, beating an Olympic gold medalist. Tara's willpower and ability to pull off almost anything was a huge inspiration to those on the show and those at home watching.

FOUR - In an emotional episode for many, Rulon Gardner sacrificed his chance to make changes as he voluntarily left the show. He still managed a whopping 173 pound weight loss!

FIVE - Season 14 not only brought the return of Jillian Michaels, but the show has highlighted the increasing problem of childhood obesity. Allowing teenagers on the show is controversial, but important in showing how bad childhood obesity can be.

SIX - The first season of The Biggest Loser ended with 6'4 Ryan Benson winning. After losing 122 pounds and losing 55% of his weight, Ryan made history as the first winner. In a later season, he also revealed that he had regained the weight.

SEVEN - While the winners that remain on the show often steal the spotlight, there are also the at home winners. Players that were eliminated, like Denise Hill from season 11, are still inspirational. At home food journals show just how much determination is needed to do it on your own, but also that it's possible. In the end, the 59-year-old lost 131 pounds.

EIGHT - Season 13 was full of controversy, and after two contestants left, the show ended earlier than expected. Despite the on-set drama, Jeremy Britt managed to lose enough to take home to show's coveted $250,000 prize!

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