Understanding the Least Privilege Concept

Understanding the Least Privilege Concept

Any business, no matter the size, should consider putting security measures in place to protect data and equipment. This often relies on the concept of least privilege, which means that all users of hardware and software are given only the access that they need to do their job. With password protection software, your IT department can assign individual clearance to each employee, granting permissions for only the programs that are needed. It is important to use strong passwords when putting a least privilege policy in place, or the software will be virtually useless to you.

There are many different ways to configure the least privilege policy in your workplace. Each employee should be able to easily gain access to programs that are necessary for his or her job without putting sensitive material at risk. You can allow some employees to access network printers without giving any other network privileges. For those that need to install software, you can allow software installation on their computers without allowing these installations on any other computers in the company. You can even control the level of Internet access that each individual employee can enjoy.

When you use this password protection software, the most important step is to create strong passwords. If you select weak or predictable passwords, you are rendering your software virtually useless. One correct guess from an employee without privileges could gain him or her access to accounts that could wreak havoc upon your organization. You also open yourself up to attack from outside forces if you choose passwords that can be easily guessed.

With password protection software, you can also protect against employees sharing their passwords. You can create groups with these third-party programs, which will give specific levels of access. The policies will not seem so stringent and may discourage sharing of rights and passwords. These least privilege policies are fully customizable to your needs, especially when you use a powerful thirty-party software. It is important to continuously monitor your security and make changes on a regular basis. With changing passwords and rotating security measures, you can avoid any possible breaches from sheer guesswork. These policies will help you keep your programs and equipment safe from any kind of attack, even accidental ones. The practice of password protection is growing, and businesses everywhere are seeing an increase in production and a decrease in user error.

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