Using Computer Telephony Integration to Jump Start Your Business

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) is a relatively new technology which businesses have begun to take advantage of. It basically combines your business phone system with your computer network, making both more effective in the process. Many already prospering businesses have taken to implementing computer telephony integration, but it can also be used to upgrade and jump start your business.


Some experts have even been saying that if you are not combining your phone systems and computer networks using computer telephony integration technology, you are wasting both time and money. What Siebel cti integration and other computer telephony integration software can do for you is allow you to control your phone systems using different user computers. In addition to being able to actually control the phone via the computer, information from the phone (call time, customer name and location, phone number, account details and history, etc) can be displayed directly on the computer screen for easy access and referencing.


This makes the work done by your employees and customer service departments easier and quicker. With information readily available to them directly on their computer screens, users will not have to place callers on hold and take costly minutes looking up customer information. Instead, call times are cut down and both the caller and employee end the phone call much quicker and happier.


By accessing and controlling the phone systems via their computers, users can dial and answer calls right on their desktops. Instead of copying down numbers and attempting to remember relevant information, users can use one click technology on their computer and instantly dial a customer. The information will stay available right on the screen, and the user can quickly complete the call and move on to the next call or user task.


Computer telephony integration is also a useful type of software development because it can track and record all data movement within your systems. Computers can initiate and dial calls, and when set up in third party networks, computers can access all phones on the server and assign tasks and transfer data throughout the server. Computer telephony integration can log and report call information before it transfers a call to another user, so the user receiving the new task will have detailed information about the call and the subsequent task before answering the phone and speaking with the customer.

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