Virtual SAN the Key to Increased Server Productivity

In any business, the key to success and prosperity lies in your ability to be productive. You want to be productive in attracting and retaining new customers or clients, and you want to have employees who put their productivity and the productivity of your business as a number one priority. And the same thing can be said to be true when it comes to your server and your business network. Your network needs to be at the top of its possible productivity as well for your business to thrive and prosper. In fact, in the world of business today, you can’t grow and thrive without a network that is functioning at the top of its game, providing reliable and efficient communication with your customers, with your employees, and within the management team of the company. In many ways, communication can be said to be the top goal of your business, and communication is utterly dependent on your sever and network.

It is for this reason that those businesses that run a VMware ESX 3 server have come to rely on the storage capabilities of the SAN appliances. The SAN appliance provides shared Virtual Machine File System, or VMFS, storage, which is absolutely essential to the health and viability of your network. The trouble for many businesses lies in the costs associated with a real world SAN appliance, a cost that can become a burden to many businesses’ attempts to make a good profit. It is for this very important reason that the Virtual SAN appliance was created, eliminating a great deal of the cost associated with a standard SAN appliance. The Virtual SAN utilizes unused local storage already to be found on your VMware server, thus significantly cutting down on your hardware costs. For this reason, the Virtual SAN appliance has been making the top software news & information circuits, raising great enthusiasm as it does.

With the Virtual SAN appliance, all of your volume data is shared between your various hosts in a fully synchronized manner. What this means to you and your business is that you are protected from data loss in the event of failures in your host, your disk, or your appliances. Data integrity is thus greatly enhanced through the full failover capability of the Virtual SAN appliance. It can be no wonder then that businesses and organizations all across the country are investing in the state of art technology that Virtual SAN provides.

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