Ways to set your Company above the rest in the next Trade Show

Making your company stand out in the next trade show can be challenging. When choosing a display to market your product at a trade show, is important to know about the wide variety of displays. The most common displays used by businesses in trade shows are the following:

  • Banner Stand Display
  • Pop Up Displays
  • Fabric Display
  • Modular Display
  • Truss System
  • Tabletop Display
  • Panel Display
  • Podium Display

Banner stand and table top displays.

The banner stand displays are easy to set up and they are very economical. The banner stand can work as a group of banners or by itself. The pop up displays are light in weight, easy to transport and can be set by one person.

Fabric displays and modular displays.

Fabric displays are easy to carry and can present a great large image. In trade shows, you can find many different styles of the fabric displays that adapt to your needs. Modular displays make a very sophisticated showcase of your product and they are fully costume for your product to shine.

Truss system and table top displays.

Truss system displays can make a unique impact and add power to your marketing message. Table top displays are portable, easy to set up and can give you a direct marketing opportunity.

Panel and podium displays.

Panel displays in trade shows are more for retail purposes with an emphasis in selling a product rather than show casing. In a trade show or exhibit, Panel displays have storage space for products such cell phones or other small items for sale. Podium displays make a great sales presentation display and can work well to give your stand a very personal touch.

Why is having a great stand in an exhibit or trade show helps your business?

Having a good quality display at your exhibit is so important for your marketing campaign. The look of your display at your trade show exhibit has to make an impact whether is with a huge image printed in a fabric display or a great looking modular display. Money shouldn't be an issue when looking for a great display for your exhibit since there are many awesome looking displays at an economical price.

The color of your display or images needs to match to what you want to showcase or to what you want to sell. It is imperative to look at every single little detail when building the look of your stand. Stands that are appealing to the eyes automatically will be the ones that people will remember and visit the most.

How to advertise your brand in a trade show or an expo?

Leave the marketing of your brand to the marketing professionals for your next trade show. With great consulting your exhibit can stand up from the rest. Once you know what kind of outcome you what from attending a trade show or exhibit, then is important to find the right set up for your booth with the help of professionals.

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