What's the Market For Women's Guns?

Although it is nothing new, there are more women taking up arms. Gun manufacturers are developing more guns geared towards women. Smith and Wesson, Sig Sauer and Glock to name a few have all designed complete lines of weapons designed specifically for women.

Guns marketed towards women have been around since the late 1800's. Usually when gun manufacturers target the female market, it involves designing weapons that are more ergonomically suitable for a woman’s smaller and often more petite features.

American weapons manufacturing icon, Smith and Wesson has a complete line of smaller more light weight “ladies” guns called the Lady Smith line.

The competition among many gun manufacturers today to market their weapons to ladies has grown exponentially, making gun safes commonplace. It is something that a lot of houses have so that they can keep their guns safe instead of just having them out in the open. According to the annual Gallup Poll, self proclaimed gun ownership among ladies has reached an all-time high. Gallup reports that 43 percent of American women admit to household gun ownership , its highest point in over 20 years. That number is up from 33 percent from just 3 years ago. This poll further estimates that among the 43 percent of women who admit to household gun ownership, 23 percent of those women say that they personally own at least one firearm.

It is very important for new fire arms owners to learn all about the safe ownership, use and storage of these weapons. Many gun shop and even some municipalities offer courses that teach gun owners this important lessons. There are also gun safety courses that can be found online.

With gun ownership at an all-time high, many Americans find it absolutely essential to have a safe place to store their firearms. Although trigger locks and other such devices offer some limited measure of security, many people are opting for a more secure way to store their weapons, such as gun safes. Gun safes offer absolute security, keeping guns unattainable to anyone who can't access their contents.

Many people may consider a gun safe to be an intrusive object that will clash with their home decor, especially after putting months or even years into making your home's appearance just the way you want it. Not to worry though, many manufacturers of these critical safety components have this in mind when they create these gun safes. It is entirely possible to find a gun safe that will blend with your existing home decor and be very aesthetically pleasing. If that's not enough, they even offer hidden wall or floor gun safes that can be installed under your floor or in a wall.

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