Why Buy Certified Coins

The great majority of all coin collectors or investors will inevitably have asked themselves at one point, most likely when they were just starting out, the question of “Why it is such a necessity to buy certified coins?” Certified coins, which are also referred to as coins which have been professionally graded, or sometimes just called “slabbed” coins, are coins which have been given a grading and certificate of authenticity by a professional coin grading service, such as PCGS (one of the largest and most reputable of all professional coin grading services throughout the whole of the United States of America).

There are in fact many reasons why buying certified coins is a better way of doing things than buying coins which have not been certified. One of the simplest reasons is that these certified coins that are “slabbed” are then permanently protected from any kind of further damage that could end up reducing their overall value. A hugely expensive and rare coin can only too easily have its overall value massively reduced by just one single careless moment. The hard plastic container in which all certified coins are placed into effectively protects it from damage, not just from silly mistakes such as an accidental drop, but also from the environment. A collector could take superb care of an uncertified coin and make no silly mistakes while handling it, only to still find it reduced in value due to the damage caused by nothing more than the pollution in the air. Because the great majority of all professional grading companies (certainly the higher end ones) will encase the coin in a container that is not just plastic but also airtight, it is then also protected from any damage that can be caused by the natural environment around it. If you are collecting a particular silver dollar, your collection will have much more value if the coins are certified.

Another reason to buy certified coins from a company such as PCGS is that the grade they assign the coin will always remain the same. Some of the less reputable grading services could assign a grade to a coin that then changes (perhaps not for the better) when next it is assessed. When a coin is graded by a service as high end and reputable as PCGS, it is a virtual guarantee that that grade level will always remain the same. Certified coins that are graded by a company as reputable as PCGS will also be more valuable should you decide to sell at a later date.

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